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NEW books,   Book Shops, English language.   Books (new & used), music, video (VHS & DVD), toys, games, electronics, and auctions. Fast shipping. Probably the most well-known and successful internet company. Millions of books and have a cast-iron reputation for customer service and reliability.   De beroemde Amazon, maar dan in Duitsland. Scheelt verzendkosten !
Barnes & Noble   Online source for new and used books. Utilizes ABE exclusively for used books. Passes along 15-150% markup to customer, but books are returnable. Also sell video, software, and music; competing hard with Amazon.   BOL (Books OnLine) has re-launched and is now providing serious competition for Amazon with thousands of books and a guaranteed 60% off all bestsellers and a minimum 20% off all other titles. (Amazon offer 50% off bestsellers but 30% off all other titles). A marginally faster and much clearer, less-cluttered opening page. BOL have also now moved into software.   BOL (Books OnLine) in Germany.   BOL (Books OnLine) in the UK.
BooksDirect   BooksDirect provides a gateway to all of the UK's leading book clubs. If you've been put off book clubs in the past but are a book lover you will be missing out if you don't at least have a quick look at this excellent site. BooksDirect claim to have 35 years as a market leader, over 2 million members, and annual sales of more than 15 million books so it has an excellent reputation.
Pick A Book   Pickabook has been rated a 5-star online bookshop by eShops. It offers over 5 million books from stock, large discounts, same-day despatch, low-price postage and delivery to addresses worldwide. Ordering is quick and easy and Pickabook´s website includes lots of interesting information for book lovers.
Readers Digest   Readers Digest range covers everything from health, DIY and cooking to romantic reading, condensed novels and genealogy. Readers Digest books are always thoroughly researched and beautifully presented so they're good to look at as well. Shame about the horrible opening page (the dreaded Prize Draw) ignore it and click on the small books link on the right-hand side

Nieuwe boeken,   Boek Winkels in Nederland
American Book Store   Amerikaanse boekwinkel met de laatste engelsstalige boeken. Gevestigd in Amsterdam en Den Haag. Online aanvragen of een boek 'in store' is en bestellen.
BelBook   Nederlandse en buitenlandse boeken bestellen. Zoeken op titel, woord in de titel, auteur en ISBN-nummer.   Deze website verkoopt on-line boeken. Hier worden de Nederlandstalige boeken 30% onder de standaard vaste boekenprijs verkocht. Ook Engels- en Franstalige boeken te verkrijgen. Via de thema index is het mogelijk om verwante artikelen te kopen.   Uitgebreide online boekwinkel. Veel aanbiedingen, ruime beschrijvingen van de boeken, toplijsten. Snel zoeken op titel, auteur, trefwoord en ISBN-nummer, of boeken zoeken via categorieen. Ook CD's worden aangeboden, tegen bodemprijzen.
Bruna   Site van de bekende Bruna boekenketen. Zoeken op boek- en CD-Rom titel en genre. Naast online bestellen en betalen kunnen de boeken ook opgehaald worden bij het dichtbijzijnde Bruna-filiaal.
Libris   Via de Libris site kunt u alle leverbare Nederlandstalige boeken bestellen. Af te halen bij een librisboekhandel naar keuze.
ManagmentBoek   Gespecialiseerde on line boekhandel in managementliteratuur. Vrijwel dagelijks worden nieuwe managementboeken toegevoegd, betaling eenvoudig per acceptgiro en een gratis attenderingsservice mbt nieuwe boeken in uw interessegebied. Levering binnen circa drie werkdagen.
Nederlandse Internet Boekhandel   de Nederlandse Internet Boekhandel. Nederlandse online boekwinkel vergelijkbaar met Groot aanbod, beschrijvingen van de boeken inclusief kopie van de kaft, recensies en waarderingen door lezers, suggesties. Verder top10's per onderwerp, een ruilbeurs, fragmenten en de mogelijkheid een boekennetbon te schenken.
Proxis   Meer dan 2.5 miljoen Engels- Nederlands en Duitsstalige boeken. Flinke kortingen t.o.v. de gangbare boekenprijzen, tot 45%.
Scheltema   Alles over deze megaboekhandel op het koningsplein in Amsterdam. Online het assortiment boeken en multimedia doorzoeken en bestellen, nieuws, top10, aanbiedingen, folders aanvragen.
Standaard Uitgeverij   Via deze site kunt u rechtstreeks boeken bestellen bij de Standaard uitgeverij. Ook is er een overzicht van het allerlaatste boekennieuws, biografieen van schrijvers uit het fonds en voorproefjes van nog te verschijnen publicaties.

Out of Print, Rare and Used Books,   Search Engines searching in various Search Engines
AddAll   Searches thousands of dealers in under 25 seconds for used and new books. Searches Advanced Book Exchange (ABE), Alibris, Antiqbook, Bibliology, Biblion, Biblioroom, Chapitre, Elephantbooks,, ILAB, JustBooks, and Powell’s Books for used and out of print books. Searches 40+ online booksellers for new books! A really useful feature allows the searcher to limit which online retailers to search. Returns hits faster than BookFinder. Shop and compare prices, condition, and location.
BookFinder   Searches thousands of dealers in seconds for used and new books. Searches ABE, Alibris, Antiqbook, Bibliology, Biblion, BookAvenue,, ILAB, JustBooks,, and Used Book Central for used and out of print books. Searches 1BookStreet, A1Books, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, BookCloseOuts, eCampus, ElephantBooks, Fatbrain, Powell’s Books, Textbook Source, and Texbook AlphaCraze for new books. Shop and compare prices, condition, and location.
Out of Print   Searches ABE, Alibris, Powells,, ElephantBooks, BookCloseOuts, but NOT in one search action. Just an overview of the mentioned sites.

Out of Print, Rare and Used Books,   Search Engines
Advanced Book Exchange   Over 8800 dealers with 30 million listings; in business since 1996. Allows a user to create a want list; e-mail notification when a match is made. Direct contact with dealers. Recently acquired JustBooks.
Alibris   Does not permit direct contact with dealers who list using this service. Charges 20-100% over the dealer's list price, which is hidden from the customer.
Amazon   Books (new & used), music, video (VHS & DVD), toys, games, electronics, and auctions. Fast shipping, but beware that they utilize ABE and other online dealers to locate out of print books.
Antiquarian Books in Scandinavia   Antiquarian Books in Scandinavia is now offering access to databases of Scandinavian booksellers who are members of the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers. Fast search engine of the stock for 75 dealers in Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark. Over 470,000 titles online.
ABAA   Antiquarian Booksellers Association of America site which searches all ABAA members' sites. Good source for those dealers who do not use a listing service, however their server and search engine is slow and unreliable.
AntiQBook   Dutch equivalent of ABE. This service has a strong European selection; great for titles which are usually elusive in North America.
Barnes & Noble   Online source for new and used books. Utilizes ABE exclusively for used books. Passes along 15-150% markup to customer, but books are returnable. Also sell video, software, and music; competing hard with Amazon.
Biblion   A site much like ABE which supports used book dealers in the United Kingdom. Unknown number of dealers. Database appears to contain a large number of volumes and it's very slow.
Bibliopoly   Developed by Bernard Quaritch Ltd., an antiquarian bookseller in London. All participating dealers must be a member of ABA, Verband Deutscher Antiquarer, SLAM or AILA (all trade associations affiliated with ILAB). Listings are minimally priced at £100 (or their equivalent). Site managers claim to have 101 dealers with over 43,000 listings.
Bibliology   A classy-looking site from the U.K. which claims to be an online book fair. Unknown number of dealers, but a fairly large number of listings. Customers have direct contact with sellers and can create a want list.
Biblioroom   European version of ABE with a small number of dealers.
BookAvenue   Created by disgruntled dealers who abandoned Alibris. Run by booksellers for booksellers. Allows customer to create a want list and to be booksellers themselves..
BookCloseOuts   Find quality titles at 50-90% off cover price. This site is a great way to find a recently out of print book.
Book Searcher   
Chapitre   French version of ABE created in 1997.
ElephantBooks   An independent online bookseller which guarantees that all listed titles are in stock and will ship within 24 hours of placing your order.   An eBay company which allows sellers to deal directly with a customer for a fixed price. Includes books, music, movies, and games. A good place to find an occasional treasure. Ask a lot of questions about condition before buying.
ILAB-LILA   Site for the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers and the Ligue Internationale de la Librairie Ancienne. Over 2,000 dealers worldwide.
JustBooks   A European version of ABE (who recently purchased this site) which supports 280 dealers. Over 5 million titles in the database.
Powell's Books   Independent West Coast bookseller with a huge selection of new, used, and remainder books. Fast shipping, frequent sales (even on used books), free stuff, contests, and good competition for Amazon.
World Book Dealers   Over 200,000 "expertly" cataloged rare books and manuscripts spanning five centuries and 40 collecting areas. Dealers are members of the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers. This British based service is the newest venture in online rare book sales.

Out of Print, Rare and Used Books,   Auction Sites
AuctionBeagle   The equivalent of BookFinder for auction hounds; searches Amazon, eBay, FairMarket, and Yahoo. Find items quickly.
Amazon Auctions   Trying very hard to compete with eBay. Great deals can be found, though not nearly the selection of eBay. (See Southeby's below.)
Auction Addict   Fledgling competition for eBay.
Christie's   You know the name and the reputation.
eBay   The Internet's first and largest auction house. Acquired Swann Auctions. Not all sellers are professional booksellers, so ask a lot of questions about condition.
Sotheby's   See Christie's. Recently struck a deal with Amazon Auctions to allow professional auction houses to list via Amazon and Southeby's (see
Yahoo   Created to compete with eBay and Amazon Auctions. Growing selection and good finds.

BookSaleFinder   Find public library and book fairs anywhere in the United States and Canada. A great resource if you're traveling and need a book "fix".
eWanted   An auction-like site where sellers can list a firm price for an item they have to sell. Also allows buyers to post want ads. Categories include books, antique books & manuscripts, and rare books. A very limited selection, but a good idea for a site.
Universal Currency Converter   Fast and efficient way to convert foreign currency into US dollars.

Out of Print, Rare and Used Books,   Separate Book Stores
Argosy Book Store    



Please note that this is a general list. Many used/rare dealers do not belong to any online search service and can only be found using a search engine. These sites are always changing, so URLs may not always be accurate.

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